Sunday, January 22, 2017

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These special images are the Emojis of death: a consequence of iOS crash.

Schon again: Every few months there is a new bug with iPhones and iPads can really shoot. Thus, it should be enough to send iMessage to a certain Emoji-result: a white flag, a control character, the numeral Zero and the rainbow-mini graphics. The iPhone or iPad to the receiver, then crashes immediately, even if the user has not opened iMessage. After a first report by the computer science students Preston Petrie, the Bug should only bring iOS 10.0 to 10.1.1 to crash. The current Version is iOS 10.2, which is available for quite some time, and in the settings of the mobile device is fast to install. You have installed iOS 10.2 for a long time, because it includes also a number of security gaps? Commendable, in this case, but it doesn’t help. Because, as Apple specialist and YouTuber every thing applepro (holds his civil existence a secret) worked out, with a few accompanying Tricks Version 10.2 to shoot. How to do it, declared he mean in detail in a Video. Please do not imitate!

crashes have been a Tradition

In the spring of 2016, has not been found a similar error that kills the entire Smartphone, but many Apps crash. As the security researcher reported the Lander Brandt, leads to an error in Apple’s images display many of the popular Apps on the Mac or iPhone crash because of specially crafted images. Susceptible programs, the process is Springboard, which is for the Homescreen is responsible of all places. This means that you will Get an MMS, or an iMessage with a manipulated image that shows the Smartphone for a few seconds, only the Boot Logo and then re-use. To messages in the corresponding App can also be access because the related Apps crash immediately after the Start. You need to leave a new message to send. You have received this message, start the message App and you can delete the manipulated message or the conversation with the image from the Overview. If that’s not enough to be a crash-Tradition: do you Remember the Killer-SMS, which brought 2015 iPhones to crash?


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