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OSLO: With over one billion sold mobile phones, Apple can celebrate the put in for the iPhone.

It was on the company’s own fagmesse in San Francisco 9. January 2007, Apple founder and chief Steve Jobs could showed off the phone.

Apple should be the first company which got commercial success with a phone without a keyboard and that can run advanced software – a smartphone.

– It is really a small, portable computer that you can call with, ” says assistant professor Gisle Hannemyr, Department of informatics at the University of Oslo to the NTB.

– Revolutionary

Jobs presented the product as nothing less than “a revolutionary mobile phone” that would constitute “a breakthrough” for how people communicate via the web. Ten years later, there is little doubt that the smartphone has changed our daily lives.

REVOLUTIONARY: Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, presented the product as revolutionary.

REVOLUTIONARY: Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, presented the product as revolutionary. (Photo: )

Phone with the new, slightly twisted appearance caused a stir. The demand was huge when the first phones were put out for sale in the united STATES in June of the same year. It took a year before it was to get hold of here in the country.

over the last ten years, Apple has released seven generations of mobile phone, and the iPhone 8 is expected in the course of the year.

Rumors began to go about this year’s launch even before the previous generation was out on the market. Many have faith that the next will be a machine without a home button and with the display on the entire front, according to teknologinettstedet MacRumors.

Limit reached

Hannemyr wondering if one begins to reach the limit for what kind of innovations and functionalities, it is possible to enter in a mobile phone. He also believes it will be more important for the company to strengthen the capacity of the battery forward than to bet on, for example, increasingly narrower and lighter product.

– It is annoying with a phone that you are going to have to charge all the time, ” he says.

Hannemyr refer to themselves as skeptical about Apple products, and don’t really understand why these have gained such popularity. Where Apple really succeeded, is to offer the customers premium design, he believes.

– They are pioneers in creating products with built-in obsolescence, for example, by the fact that the battery can’t be replaced, so that one must buy ever again, ” he says.


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