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img 55f338317e4b7 iPhone with or without a subscription buy?

As an Apple fan, you know that the prices of equipment of this brand is not low. The manufacturer understands its phones, laptops and tablets under the category of 'premium' and therefore sometimes you have to be nice in the pockets. The new iPhone 7 may cost 769 euro. Quite a bit of money, but fortunately there to save. So recommend providers to a device with a mobile subscription. If that is really cheaper, we’ll explain.

An iPhone without a subscription

Who has an iPhone buy, often gets the question of whether the unit or the price is not very high. That feeling you have especially with the purchase of an iPhone, yet can purchase the most economical option. If you have a loose machine and this combines with a sim only subscription, you pay a monthly 15 to 20 euros for a subscription that lets you call, sms and surf the internet.

With a bundle you can for that money to use 4G, you have a data bundle of at least 1000 MB, and you can at least 100 minutes of calls. You take a subscription lasting two years, save even more.

Additional benefit of a separate subscription is that the device is yours. In the meantime, a new iPhone on the market, then you can get the current phone to sell and immediately re-invest in the new model. Thanks to this little trick got a lot of users over from a iPhone 6 to a iPhone 7.

iphone 7 preview2 iPhone with or without a subscription buy?

Prepaid an option?

For sim only, you get only a sim card, but I’m not always free to use another provider to choose. If you have a yearly contract choose, you’ll be sitting there anyway for a year. That is not so if you go for prepaid choose. This is not a subscription. You can use as a card from another provider buy.

another advantage of prepaid is that the costs are known in advance. With a subscription you can be 'out of bundle' calls, sms or surf the internet. With prepaid, can’t do that. You use of so-called 'credit'. Is this credit on, then you should upgrade. If you do not, then you can no longer call, send text messages or surf the internet until you’ve upgraded. Here also applies that it is cheaper than the purchase of a subscription. On you can find out which provider is right for you is best.

An iPhone with a subscription

It is clear that a single unit still can be cheaper than the purchase of a subscription with the device. Nevertheless, there are still quite a lot of Dutch people who opt for a subscription with device. The biggest advantage is that the customer does not all costs in one time paid have to pay. It is a purchase on account. The cost for the unit to sit for the subscription.

There is a risk: it was decided that a subscription with the device should be seen as a loan if the device is worth more than 250 euro. With an iPhone, this is always the case. The provider must then comply with the Dutch Act on financial supervision. There is in that there are means-test should take place and the provider of research to do to your creditworthiness. In addition, the loan will be registered with the Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel. That has consequences for if you have a loan or mortgage and want to quit.

On you can use all options against each other to consider: with the mobile phone or without mobile phone subscription? Through the comparison engine on this site you immediately find out which choice is best for your wallet.


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