Thursday, January 12, 2017

You’re not watching TV, you to Pugacheva? – L!

The iPhone is in the middle of this year ten years on the market. In those ten years, the smartphone line of Apple at least 1.2 billion units sold if you the prospects of the next few months it counts and that makes the iPhone the most successful product of all time. Now you will be thinking “but there are still a lot of products where there is a lot more of are sold”. Cars, toothbrushes, shoes and so on. Yes, that’s right, but this kind of regular ‘household’ items, count apparently not in this argument.

In a post on Asymco Apple analyst Horace H. Dediu is also a look at the rest of the iOS devices such as the iPad, the iPod Touch, Apple Watch and the Apple TV, which is also another 1.75 billion pieces have been sold about that decade. It is a staggering number, although there is a little bit played with the reality in the piece.

Not fair

The advantage of the iPhone is that there are already fifteen different revisions of the device, all iPhone called. For Android smartphones that pilot is not on and there are many more nokias sold than 1.2 billion in the pre-smartphone era, but that were all different models in their life span of between 150 and 250 million pieces sold such as the Nokia 3310 and 1100. If you have a iPhone is going to look at is the only iPhone 6 with 220 million is really seriously good has sold.

Astronomical sales

However, if the criterion is that there are different versions but the item still must have the same name, the iPhone high in the list. Just to compare: the most popular album ever was Thriller of Michael Jackson with 70 million, the most popular toys of the Rubik’s Cube with 350 million, the most popular game console, the Playstation(s) with 400 million and the most popular book series Harry Potter with 450 million. Nice figures, but it actually says not so much.

Much more says the revenue with all those iOS devices has been realized by Apple, namely 1 trillion. so. That milestone is just within the ten years, but will probably be towards the end of the year will be reached. A pity, because otherwise it would be Apple so beautiful can say that they average about 100 billion per year have converted since the introduction of the iPhone. Not only that, but also the people who make its software for the App Store earn: in 2016, there is about 20 billion dollars paid to third parties by Apple, according to Dediu, so the ecosystem is still very much alive.

Or that the iPhone really is the most successful product in the world? It remains a little questionable, but that the impact is enormous and there is enough money is earned to the iOS family is beyond question. We’ll see how the second ten years of iOS will go see it.

[Images © Horace H. Dediu / Apple]


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