Monday, January 23, 2017

At Taganrog, the guest stole a television from the owners of the house ” DonDay … – Donday-Taganrog (press release) (Registration)

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A telefoonverslaving? Rather! I have this week already two times, a nervous breakdown had because my beloved iPhone went out. The first time I gave myself to blame. Fixed wrong charged. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I thought. Until I this morning my battery closely kept an eye on and ‘m back saw. I was not even a half an hour and the bitch already gave 40%. the Wait, whut? You know that I am on research uitmoest.

And I also for you, because you’re probably just as addicted as I am. the Inspector gadget reveals:

so It comes with the cold
Maybe you’ve already noticed, but your mobile phone often falls out when it’s still 30% battery. If you then reconnect, you will see that this percentage again very soon. The problem with the battery is common with the cold: your battery then runs into raptempo empty.

How the?
In your iPhone is a Lithium-Ion battery. In extreme heat or cold touches these much faster empty. Follow the current battery percentage on your screen is not right, because your beloved phone does not take account of the heat or cold. Unfortunately, there is little to do. A case is an idea, but it will be your problem, not completely solve it. Matter of just biting them..


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