Thursday, January 12, 2017

Primorye will soon not be able to watch TV: RIA “Vostok … – RIA “Vostok-Media”

The start of the sale of a few guns, two guns disguised as smartphones that can fold in a matter of seconds to shoot, has alerted the european police, report various media on the continent.

police believe that the shooter of the two guns and .380 [9mm] caliber, and is manufactured by an american company, will make its arrival illegally through the shores of europe, reports the daily belgian Dernière Heure.

Developed by the manufacturer Ideal Conceal, with headquarters in Minnesota, the gun of double barrel can take two bullets and be equipped with laser sights. Your grip can be folded up to disguise the weapon as if it were a mobile phone, without pretensions, by which it has become known as the “shooter iPhone”, indicates the newspaper london’s The Times.

According to The Times, Ideal Conceal has already received 12.000 pre-orders of this new gun, which costs $ 395 and is expected to begin to distribute it during the first quarter of 2017.

The belgian Police, which is already in a state of alert following the series of terrorist attacks occur in Europe in recent months, has issued a warning this past weekend, after suspecting that these weapons may cross the border into Europe illegally.

“To the naked eye, nothing can distinguish it from a mobile phone,” the statement said police, quoted by Dernière Heure. “Most people have a smartphone, which means that these weapons could pass completely unnoticed”.


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