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Analyst: iPhone 8 Apple in front of big challenges

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Apple obviously needs to develop some of the already developed technologies to you in the new iPhone 8. These include 3D Touch and the fingerprint reader are installed below the Display Panel, and in the future, in combination with face detection to work.

The iPhone 8 Apple seems to be a great challenge. Because the manufacturer wants to set for his anniversary-Smartphone with a flexible OLED Panel, it must develop according to a recent Memo from KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a new System for the pressure-sensitive Display. Apple has for the iPhone 6S 3D Touch, however, in connection with OLED sounder LCD Panel. For more stability, a strengthening of the 3D Touch sensor, the additional metal is needed, therefore, part. Needs to be revised for the iPhone 8 already complete, writes Kuo, the alleged the corners curved display panel makes the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Sensor used is incompatible. The new film sensor is reportedly sensitive and detect levels of pressure.

The 3D Touch Sensor, however, is not the only component that needs to develop Apple from scratch. Since the front face of the iPhone 8 should be almost completely covered by the screen, the Home button and the previously used capacitive fingerprint scanner. Supposedly, a new optical Touch-ID-Sensor is used, which, however, do not sit only under the cover glass, but also under the display panel. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is currently facing the task to bypass the OLED Panel outgoing interference signal, to enable an optical detection of the fingerprint. Because the new Sensor is still in an early development phase, could he not come in the iPhone 8. How the Alternative might look like on the report.

in addition to the transition to a new Touch ID technology, Apple reportedly are also working on a Sensor for facial recognition. The recorded according to Kuo, not only the Iris of the user, but the whole face and will in future work in combination with the fingerprint sensor, or could replace him in the longer term.

The Launch of the iPhone 8 is expected for the coming autumn. In addition to the completely revamped Smartphone experts expect that Apple will also introduce a direct successor to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You should be with LC-display and a metal housing.


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